Your marketplace will never be the same

Launch your marketplace into a free ecosystem.


Offer more

Offer more variety for your customers through the marketplace from the brands you appreciate most.

Learn more

Understand what is truly relevant for your customers through marketplace exchange and gain insights to carve even better assortment.

Sell more

More products mean more customers and ways you can sell for them through your marketplace network.

Keep it open

We provide proofen block chain based open platform that opens number of possibilities from the very start.

Invest your time in right partners in right channels

Our open platform plugs directly to your e-commerce, letting you to focus on identifying and onboarding new sellers. Since our solution is based on blockchain and is totally open you are welcomerd to tailor the solution you see best. See a demo of our platform, how we work and how we can make it for yours.

We support your business from the day one.

At the beginning we were seeking a way to make commerce more interesting for customers and domestic vendors. Soon through our discovery we found that many e-commerce players are facing challenges to provide truly relevant assortment for their customers and have their say in digital spaces. Fron there we discovered an idea to bring e-commerce businesses together to create more compelling offerings in everywhere customers go.

Therefore we bring you an open opportunity to extend your sales through a trusted marketplace with companies that matches your business best.

We are not building an affiliate program: the marketplace ecosystem we are envisioning is open and you are welcomed to take part into it.


Open marketplace

Open exchange where marketers and sellers can follow in real-time marketing activities and transactions from the products in the marketpalce.

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Ready to participate

Welcome abroad! You can find our solution from Github and solution set-up running in minutes.

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Community & Support

Having a question or thought in mind where you are seeking an answer? No problem, review our community for support.

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